By playing Odyssey, you will (finally) understand how a company makes revenue and profit by developing products answering client needs (& desire), manufacturing them at low cost (or not) and bringing them to the market…

You will tackle the three components of a business model:

  1. The first is the offer to the client, also called the value proposition;
  2. The second is the value architecture; how you create and deliver that proposition;
  3. And the third, deriving from the two others, is the profit equation; it explains the origin of profitability.

Travelling “the Odyssey”, you will discover that value proposition and value architecture need to be aligned to create long term profit.

By tickling the well-known business model of the car industry, you will learn what business is all about 😊

As a professor, you will bring action and color into your classroom! And FUN!

In a short period of time (it could be as short as 2 hours), you will provide your student with a unique corporate experience.

You should integrate the game into your course because

  1. of its strategic and financial content
  2. it is realistic
  3. it is easy to learn (video tutorial) and integrate
  4. it is engaging for the students
  5. you keep full autonomy
  6. you receive automatic feedback and grading
  7. and it is cost effective

As a HRD, you will improve company performance by improving the business mindset of your people, a better understanding of what’s going on! By bringing in the Odyssey, you will equip your employees with the relevant business skills… and it will keep them up at night!

They will learn;

  1. it all starts from the customer
  2. to analyze strategic positioning and financial situation
  3. from competition
  4. the difference between revenue and profit and ROCE
  5. that decreasing price is easy, but at the same time increasing profit is a challenge! This is the ODYSSEY!

The Game is customizable, fits large (and small) population and is cost effective.

If you are or want to become a game changer in your organization, should not you start by bringing a game in your classroom, in your MOOC, in your corporate university?

You’re facing disruption or you’re yourself a disruptor in your business; education is also ripe for disruptive change leading to innovative practices that improve learning outcomes for students.

The Odyssey 3.14 book is about finding ways to become successful disruptors but you may not become a disruptor before understanding clearly what are the foundations or pillars of any business model. We want to go beyond the success of the book. It is time to go down the path less traveled and create systems of excellence that will be embraced by learners and prepare them for their future. Designing a game with MEGA Learning had been our choice for our continuous innovation effort. The challenge was to design a game with a rich user experience that would illustrate quickly the three pillars of a business model (value proposition, value architecture and profit equation) and give users the opportunity to play with the three pillars, visualize in a competitive environment any changes they will bring in their business models.

Not only did we succeed to reach our objective with MEGA Learning but we ended up with a crisp new learning solution that is able to grab and foster users’ attention in less than 3 hours.

If your students or executives think differently and learn differently, join us at http://businessodysseygame.com to learn more about how together we will disrupt the system as we know it by embracing a learning style as unusual model. Let’s create a new normal.

“Play has long infused the language of business: we talk of players, moves, end games, play books and so on. And now we hear often about the “gamification” of work—using elements of competition, feedback and point scoring to better engage employees and even track performance. Even so, actual games are still taboo in most organizations—the stereotype of the work-avoiding employee cracking new high scores in Minesweeper has given gaming a bad name. And the corporate executive playing games to improve his or her strategy-making skills is still rare. This is unfortunate. We think that games have an important place in cultivating good strategists, and that now more than ever games can give executives an edge over their competition.” wrote Martin Reeves and Georg Wittenburg in Harvard Business Review; so we did it and tried even to do better.

The Odyssey Game (odyssey.games) is a short game illustrating the foundations (or pillars) of any business model. It may be used in a classroom, is a perfect Mooc companion, increases users’ engagement of e-learning solutions. It is about business model and strategy, systemic and holistic thinking, may be played by individuals or teams, may be used in conjunction of classical lectures about strategy but is also a stand-alone application with A.I. feedbacks, experts’ videos, automatic marking systems… The game is extremely competitive. Users may play against other players or against virtual players. A unique user interface drive barriers to entry close to zero, allow the use of the most ubiquitous devices and brings’ focus on peers’ comparison. This has been made possible by combining the research and teaching experience of Hélène Musikas and Laurence Lehmann-Ortega with the design and development capabilities of MEGA Learning.

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