Learn what business
is all about in 3 hours

An effective, engaging and flexible game
to learn strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing


Immersive Experience

By Designing two types of products, you will visually challenge and reinvent the business. When you will feel having the best value architecture and optimized financial KPIs, you will submit your decision and be challenged by competitors.


Versatile dashboards available on any device

The unique and extremely graphical user interface will help you to understand quickly the many interdependencies existing between most of the concepts taught in marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship classes.

Artificial Intelligence available for immediate feedback

Before going to market, an accurate forecasting system will help you to measure in real time your decisions' implications. After you have submitted your decision, you will receive automatic feedback from the system. This is when learning really takes place!

Improve Learners Success

As we do in top corporations and universities such as ESCP Europe, HEC Paris and Columbia University

A unique solution to boost retention in 3 hours

As short as a business case, as powerful as a business game. Students may live a concise and rich learning experience in autonomy.

Developed with experts and faculties among the best

Faculties at HEC Paris, Hélène Musikas and Laurence Lehmann Ortega have contributed to the design of the game.

Real time feedback, intuitive interface

A unique user interface for a rich experience that makes financial reporting vivid and fun to look at. All financial terms are described.

Fully online and available on multiple devices

No software installation. All information and data needed are available through specific interfaces for students and faculties.

Single player or team based in any location

The game may be played alone or in team without any limitation wherever learners are located.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Automatic feedbacks in real time and after each iteration.

An engaging simulation game for Corporate Training and Higher Education

Business Odyssey is the perfect companion for lectures about strategy, entrepreneurship or marketing. It blends the power of data visualization with immersive learning to transform education. Collaborate with us today!
Mooc, Spoc Authors and Publishers

Business Odyssey may be combined with Mooc or Spoc. If you are a MOOC or a SPOC publisher, connect with us to learn how Business Odyssey could become the missing segment of your modules to increase your retention and completion rate.

Join us for a demo

If you want to explore "Business Odyssey" and evaluate the use of the game in a corporate environment or if you would like to practice and discuss its use in higher education, register for the appropriate corporate or higher education webinar.

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